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How it comes clean in the River? The possible team to face Godoy Cruz with surprises

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February 13, 2018

Marcelo Gallardo has reasons to be concerned. Not able to find the team, is 19 Mouth points in the championship and local the performance of their players still does not appear. There are several players that are well below your level and the coach is looking to make several changes for the next game.

The Millionaire will face Godoy Cruz on Sunday in the Monumental and need to win to breathe a sigh of relief after the defeat to Lanús. Enzo Perez will be one of the casualties of the team, as they came to the 5th yellow, but it would not be the only one.

Most of the goals that you put River, Montiel had to do. Just invent jobs. Mayada 4, Maidana, M, Quarta and Saracchi down. Zuculini or Juan Fer x Nacho Fernández boot. Let’s go back to be

— River Plate ⑭ 日本 (@LaGallinaTuitt) February 12, 2018

Nacho Fernández, one of the players more lazy River so far this semester, he would leave his place in the 11 holder and was going to get is Juan Fernando Quintero. The colombian was thrilled each time he had to enter and have your chance to go from the start.

Do not dismiss Quintero holder the next game. The same with Mayada (This time yes)

— World Millionaire (@MundoMillo17) February 13, 2018

Other changes could be given in defence. In principle, Gonzalo Montiel would be replaced by their low-level, and in its place would enter Camilo Mayada. Another possible change is the entrance of Jonatan Maidana by Javier Pinola.

Marcelo Endelli/GettyImages

With the possible debut of Bruno Zucullini by Enzo Pérez, the possible 11 to face Godoy Cruz would be: Armani, Mayada, Maidana, Martinez Quarta, Saracchi, Quintero, Zucullini, Ponzio, Martinez, Pratto and Scocco.

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