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1×1 Real Madrid in the victory against PSG

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February 14, 2018

Real Madrid won the PSG at the Santiago Bernabéu (3-1) in the meeting that they faced in the first leg of the knockout stage of the Champions League. The Zinedine Zidane started losing after a goal from Rabiot in the 33′, but Cristiano Ronaldo penalty put the tie just before the end of the first part. In the minuos the end of the meeting, first Christian (83′) and after Marcelo (86′), scored for the white come with advantage to the return match.

Keylor Navas 8/10: The goalkeeper costa rica made a great performance under the sticks to the PSG, little could be done in the goal from Rabiot. The rest of the shots on goal white the knew how to stop with ease.

Nacho: 8/10: Nacho fulfilled in the right side controlling Neymar as he could. The quality of the brazilian allowed him to leave the defender on a couple of occasions but in general he knew how to contenerle along the enceuntro.


Ramos 8.5/10: The central was very good on defense in general features, serving as captain of the white set. He saved a goal sung with the 1-1 draw that left alive to Real Madrid to overcome.

Varane 7/10: it Was perhaps the least prominent of all the defense but fulfilled with a vengeance. The goal of the whole parisian it cannot be attributed to the defensive line of Real Madrid.


Marcelo 9/10: he Knew how to revive the game in the final minutes and scored the 3-1 that leaves Madrid with a great advantage for the party in Paris. It was one of the men of the party.

Casemiro 8/10: Casemiro gave everything on the field and did their work to perfection: Breaking down the game of the GRB from the center of the field. Rocó balls to the midfielders of the whole parisian during the entire meeting. He was replaced in the 79′ by Lucas Vázquez.

Modric 7/10: The midfielder of Croatian di samples of its quality during the enceutnro but it did not become decisive. Perhaps he failed in defence on the goal from Rabiot.


Kroos 7.5/10: Kroos knew how to lead Real Madrid from the center of the field but could not get to contribute anything in the hands of the goal of the target set. Yet in general his game was good.

Isco 6.5/10: The of malaga was the great surprise of the eleven Zidane and not managed to do anything during the minutes that he played. He was replaced by Marco Asensio in the 79′, and the spaniard was key to the comeback of the white set.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/GettyImages

Christian 9.5/10: a Christian was perhaps the man of the match. Had some errors in the face of goal but scored the 1-1 that put the tie on the scoreboard and after the 2-1 defeat that overtook the white.

Benzema 6.5/10: The French had a great shot from outside the area which passed Areola and did not do much more during the meeting. He was replaced by Bale in the 68′.


Bale 6/10: His non-alignment was one of the news of the previous. Came out in the second part to substitute for Benzema and he tried, but his gallops were not key in the result.


Lucas Vázquez 7.5/10: Luke came out in 79′ – substitution Casemiro and generated a lot of danger in goal for PSG, however failed to participate in the game of goal for Real Madrid.

Asensio 9/10: Asensio was the great turning point of the encounter. Two centers of the end balearic avabaron in the two goals of Real Madrid in the last minutes of the game to serve the set target to reach with advantage to Paris.

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